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OpenAssistant RELEASED! The world's best open-source Chat AI!

· One min read
Yannic Kilcher

We're excited to announce the release of OpenAssistant!

The future of AI development depends heavily on high quality datasets and models being made publicly available, and that's exactly what this project does.

Our team has worked tirelessly over the past several months collecting large amounts of text-based input and feedback to create an incredibly diverse and unique dataset designed specifically for training language models or other AI applications.

With over 600k human-generated data points covering a wide range of topics and styles of writing, our dataset will be an invaluable tool for any developer looking to create state-of-the-art instruction models!

To make things even better, we are making this entire dataset free and accessible to all who wish to use it. Check it out today at our HF org: OpenAssistant

On top of that, we've trained very powerful models that you can try right now at:

Watch the announcement video: